Harry's 'Baker's Dozen' of Hygiene

It’s uncharted waters for us all at the moment, and as all 18 of our bakery stores remain open, we wanted to remind you of the extensive hygiene practices we follow day to day. Plus – some extra ones to help keep you safe too!

Harry’s ‘Bakers Dozen’ of Hygiene:

You'll find us...
1. Washing our hands (we do this a lot in our day to day!)
2. Exercising no hand to face contact
3. Wearing clean uniforms daily, that have not been exposed to the outside
4. Wearing no jewellery, watches or piercings
5. Keeping nails short and free from nail varnish
6. All wearing hairnets with hair tied back where necessary
7. With all cuts covered up using highly visible blue plasters
8. Using single use, disposable gloves when handling all food
9. We're encouraging contactless payment methods but we will be accepting cash in a safe manner, again using gloves which are disposed of after every transaction
10. At present, we're not accepting reusable keepy cups so disposable cups will be used for all
11. Where possible, trying to maintain a 2M distance and if you feel that there are too many customers within the shop we kindly ask that you queue outside
12. We're offering pre-order by calling your local Harry Gow Bakery to reduce your waiting time in store
13. Helping one another stay safe by maintaining a strict duty of care to everyone, colleagues and customers alike

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