Harry’s Favourites

Straight from our oven to your front door…simple!

Harry’s Favourites

Morning Treats

1 x Fruit Scone (2 pack)
1 x Plain Scone (2 pack)
2 x Pancakes (3 pack)
1 x Buttery (4 pack)

1 x Oatcakes


Bread & Rolls

2 x Morning Rolls (4 pack)

1 x Brown Pan

1 x Light Rye


Cakes & Biscuits

2 x Dream Ring
1 x Vanilla & Raspberry Slice (2 pack)
1 x Empire Biscuits (2 pack)
1 x Chocolate & Lemon Muffin (2 pack)
1 x Snowball (2 pack)

1 x Meringue Shells (4 pack)

1 x Shortbread Biscuits

1 x Pecan Biscuits

Lockdown just became a little more bearable…

Worried there's too much? Make the most of your bakes...

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as too much fresh baking – but if you don't think you're going to eat the whole box straight away, pop any bread or morning treats in the freezer. Of course the butteries are best warmed and the scones can be too, giving them a longer life. Oh, and the light rye makes great toast... or even garlic bread!

But what about the cakes? Well, if you think you can resist, then they freeze well too.

Finally, get your biscuits and meringue shells (which make a great Eton Mess, by the way) in a cupboard… because, when all the cakes are finished and you go to put the kettle on, you’ll be thankful they’re there!

Delivery & collection products cannot be made in the same order, please remove the other items from your basket or make two separate orders.