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Provenance is key. Ingredients are sourced locally where possible and we also look to the continent if we feel it'll make the finished product even better.

The best ingredients

Scotland is home to some of the best ingredients in the world. For example our prime shoulder of beef comes from the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Angus areas, no more than 100 miles away - some of which is cut and boned at A&I Quality Butcher's just across the's that for a carbon footprint?! But sometimes it pays to invest in ingredients from the continent. For example, in our opinion, you'll not get better chocolate than from Belgium or for an authentic Croissant the butter has to be French because it drier for a more intense flavour.

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Artisan Craftsmanship

Passion, passion, hear Harry saying that a lot (saying it once doesn't have the same effect). When he started up in 1979, his simple end game was to make the best possible product for his customer. That didn't matter if it was the bread, the butteries, the sandwich fillings, the soup, the savoury pastries, the cakes or the celebration cakes. They all take skill and craft but also a desire to get it just right. The recipes and the ethos in scratch baking help but without his talented team of people around him (over 200 now) to execute this masterplan, it just wouldn't happen. Yes it takes longer to make and bake from scratch and to strive for perfection every time but we think it's worth it - we hope you agree!

It's a science

Here at Harry Gow Bakery, our baking is a little more than two parts flour to one part water! Producing over one hundred different products, with hundreds and thousands of each going out the door every day, it has become a precise science. Our state of the art facility is packed with the latest technology to ensure our handcrafted product reaches you just as perfect the on Monday, as it does on the Thursday, as it does on the Saturday...52 weeks of the year.

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