The Perfect Mix

What happens when you take one cup of Harry Gow, mix it in a bowl of locally sourced goodness and add a sprinkle of baking puns for good measure? A batch made in heaven!


We’re rather proud of our Scottish roots, which is why many of our ingredients come from local suppliers. 


Take our deliciously rich, signature steak pies. Those tasty chunks of Aberdeenshire and Angus beef come directly from our experienced local suppliers, Aberdeenshire Larder and A&I Butchers, who provide us with only the finest cuts of award-winning meat bringing those hearty Highland flavours to our bakes.


From the flour we use in our handcrafted breads and cakes to the veg in our homemade soups, we believe in sustainable, homegrown quality. Except for our chocolate, we leave that one to the real experts over in Belgium!

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Character & Craftsmanship

At the heart of our company is our team. Those who have served our communities for years and those who have only just begun their journey into the wonderful world of baking. Our team brings character, charisma and a whole lot of talent to everything they do. Behind the scenes our bakers work endlessly to deliver quality craftsmanship and flavourful bakes from scratch, while our front of house staff gets to know, serve and support our loyal customers. They’re the bacon to our eggs, the cream to our coffee, the jam to our doughrings.

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Legends in the Baking

From baking a custom cake for the Queen of Pop, Madonna, to the praise of our own Scottish Queen, Jackie Bird, we have found ourselves amongst the elite.


Here at Harry Gow we celebrate not just successful bakes but our passion to support, care for and nurture the talent and wellbeing of our ever-growing team. Our team has helped our brand grow into what it is today, gaining national recognition by being the first Scottish Baker of the Year - winning not just once, but twice - with the help of our pineapple tarts and our infamous curry pies.


But that’s only a slice of the story!

A rich history

Don’t let your next event go stale! Make like bread and rise to the challenge with one of our Harry Gow catering boxes.

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