We knew you were coming so we baked a cake

To share or not to share?

That is the question. It has to be said that our biscuits cakes are so lip-smackingly good it tends to be the latter! But what makes them so good we hear you ask? We go as far as crafting our own recipe for the sponge, pastry, biscuits, jam, buttercream and icing. For example, our Pineapple Tart is made up of 7 (yes, seven) different recipes - all meticulously crafted by us - not a bag or box of pre-mix in sight. Here's some more: (you may have heard of the) Dream Ring, Doughring, Apple Tart, Sponge Snowball, Empire Biscuit, Fern Cake, Sponge Cheesecake, Marzipan Apple, Vanilla & Raspberry Slice, Cupcake, Pineapple Tart, Meringue Shell, Chocolate Muffin and Carrot Cake. 

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