Build your own celebrations are back!

You heard it here first..
Our Celebrations Cakes are back!

We are officially taking orders again from the 16th June. If that is not a cause for celebration, then we really do not know what is.
Did you know that £1million a day is spent on birthday cake in the UK? As a nation, ‘muffin’ else compares to it in the confectionary stakes and we are super excited to be able help make your celebration one to remember again.

With the Harry Gow inbox overflowing with requests, we have certainly felt the love and our ovens are now raring to go. Our celebration cakes have always been a key part of our business and it will never stop being an honour to be included in your special occasion; be it a retirement, birthday, engagement or wedding and everything fabulous in-between - our team are looking forward to getting working their magic.

At Harry Gow we offer a mouth-watering selection of celebration cakes including a giant Dream Ring (yes, it is true!), round celebration cakes and slab cakes. You can choose to add a variety of personalisation options from coloured ribbons and if needed, the addition of decorations.

If you’re looking to ‘add the icing to the cake’ for your next special occasion, why not take a look at our wide catalogue of sweet treats here.

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