By Royal Appointment: Our Coronation Chicken is Heading to the Coronation!

APRIL FOOL! Unfortunately we're not heading to the palace in May... unless a cheeky invitation is winging its way to us now!

Want to dough a secret?

We’re so excited we can finally announce our big news. We’re talking big as in bigger than our giant dream rings. Bigger than the Harrys standing outside some of our shops. Bigger than shaking hands with Paul Hollywood himself… Yeah, it’s pretty big. 

Harry Gow has been selected to be a part of the celebration of the royal coronation of King Charles III. Yep. That. 

We've been chosen to deliver a majestic menu of our tasty bakes for the coronation picnic. For the royal family. 

Let us take you back to where it all started, when we visited Buckingham Palace in January. (Kept that pretty quiet, didn’t we?!) Their Royal Highnesses had one of the highest honours of all, trying our iconic dream rings for the first time – they went down a treat, obviously. Since then, their team got in touch with us to say we’ve been chosen to represent Scotland and be a part of history in the baking. Our response was, “Seriously, dough?!”

Turns out they were pretty serious! (And that they love a wee pun).

Since then, we’ve been busy weighing, measuring, whisking, baking, kneading and tasting (and loosening some of our belt buckles…), so we can be sure we’ve created a menu that’s for a King. And, let us tell you – we think we’ve cracked it! 

Harry Gow’s Coronation Menu:

  • Coronation chicken sandwiches are of course the main feature of our menu, originally created for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.
  • We don’t believe you can host an afternoon tea without scones!
  • Our fan-favourite empire biscuits will be donning a wee crown, instead of their usual joob joobs, for this special occasion.

We’re no strangers to royalty, having designed a cake for Madonna, the Queen of Pop, ahead of her wedding to Guy Ritchie in 2002, though we’re still a little nervous about being involved in such a momentous occasion. However, we’ve decided to make like bread and rise to the occasion as we are whisk-takers after all!

April Fulton, director of catering for the coronation picnic, said: “Ahead of the King and Queen Consort’s coronation in May, my team has been in contact with local food and catering businesses from each of the home nations, asking them to take part in what is to be a historic event.

“As the only two-time winner of the Scottish Baker of the Year award, Harry Gow was the obvious choice for Scotland. Their visit to Buckingham Palace in January gave them the opportunity to sweet talk the coronation committee and win over the Royal Family with their delicious bakes. We can’t wait to see what treats they have planned for the event.”

Now, do you think we can ask them to share some photos of the picnic using the #Harry Gow hashtag…?

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