New Product Development

We are always looking to bring innovative and fresh new products to our bakery cabinets in order to keep our customers' taste buds tingling.

We've been whipping up a few new releases recently, which are now available within our bakeries!

Raspberry Tart
This tart is one we like 'berry much' - suitably summery in taste!

Lemon Muffin
A fresh and citrusy muffin with icing on top.

Cappuccino Doughring
A variation on our popular Dream Ring with cappuccino cream and chocolate top - a true coffee lovers dream!

Chocolate Snowballs
Underneath an outer layer of desiccated coconut, you'll find a chocolate sponge and cream filling. A true sweet treat!

We love to hear our customers quirky thoughts! Do you have a new product you would like to see from us at Harry Gow? Drop us a note with your thoughts and they could become a reality... (Link to surveymonkey).

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