Processes of slow fermentation

We've perfected our recipes and processes of slow fermentation - be it sponge and dough, flying sponge or sourdough - so that our bread is consistently good. Good meaning tasty, of course, everyone loves a doorstep sandwich, a tasty toastie or panini, an accompaniment to soup or buttery soldiers to enjoy with a soft boiled egg. But to us it's also important that bread is easy on your digestion too.

Let us explain (here comes the science)...

Long and slow fermentation creates by-products lactic and acetic acid which mellow the gluten (wheat protein) in the dough, making it more digestible. This is something that the human body has been used to over centuries of traditional bread making but in the last 50 years or so this process has been fast-tracked, with corners cut for commercial gain and we are concerned that the human race is suffering as a result by way of gluten intolerances.

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