Sourdough Science

It's all in the science!

For thousands of years, humans have been experimenting with fermentation. Did you know...the earliest evidence of an alcoholic drink dates all the way back to around 7000BC - 6600BC, in the Chinese village of Jiahu!

We are passionate about fermentation and are on a crusade against the industrialisation of bread in the last 60 years which has destroyed centuries of natural health benefits enjoyed by fermenting bread.

The secret of fermentation is time - (natural) yeast feeds of the starch and sugar present in the flour to primarily produce CO2, which of course is pretty crucial to making bread! However the magic is produced by the by-products - lactic acid and acetic acid - which essentially mellow the gluten making it digestible.

With modern methods fermentation time is next to nothing and the gluten that our bodies have been designed to recognise for centuries is rejected, becomes unrecognisable and is henceforth known as gluten intolerance.

We passionately believe that if you eat our bread as someone who is gluten intolerant, especially our sourdough based range - Light Rye, Ciabatta and Sourdough itself - where there is little or no added yeast, you will notice the difference.

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